Buying Guide

Buying Guide

With so many car floor mat options, it makes it a difficult choice to know which one is right for you and your vehicle. Floor Mat Express has designed our web site with this in mind. We categorize materials and options is a graphical as well as a textual way for you to be able to make the most informed choice available. 

Choose from our huge selection of materials to make sure your vehicle floor mats are right for your needs. All-weather rubber mats and clear protector mats resist the elements and can simply hose off as well as protecting your auto carpet. Carpet floor mat options range from high quality custom fit mats like the Ultimattm to super plush luxurious materials like our Sheepskin floormats. Need to make a fashion statement? We offer high quality fashionable mats ranging from leather, oriental, diamond plate and other fashion patterns to natural materials like our Sisal and Coco mats. How about gift ideas for those sport fans? Check out our extensive logo mat section for more ideas than you can handle! Can’t decide? Send them one of our great looking gift cards to let them choose.
Remember that at Floor Mat Express we care about one thing: shipping premium custom floor mats straight to your door. Please visit out Floor Mat Research Center to get even more information about the possibilities that we offer. Of course, all of our products are made in the USA, have factory warranties and come with our fantastic customer service. Try us out today!

All Weather Floor Mats 

All weather car floor mats are designed to resist the elements and preserve your vehicles carpet while at the same time being easy to clean. Check out our vast selection of these products by clicking on the link above.

Carpet Floor Mats 

With so many options to choose from, our quality carpet floor mats can give your vehicle that new refreshed look it needs. Ranging from simple to luxurious, from fashionable to custom logos and embroidery, the options are nearly endless. Remember car floor mats are customized fit for your vehicle.

Logo Floor Mats 

These logo car floor mats personalize your vehicle and take its look to a new level. Choose from our many sports team options or our multitude of other logo vehicle mats. Officially licensed logo floormats are not cheap knockoffs but the real deal. Many other customized options exist including military, Harley Davidson®, custom embroidery and other miscellaneous options.  

Rubber Floor Mats 

Our best seller, rubber mats are weather resistant, easy to clean and still maintain a good look for your vehicle.  Hexomat floor mats are one of the most popular auto floor mat in the nation, with this hexagon shaped surface it will catch and look like no other.

Floor Mat Express Research Center

You are on this webpage because you are researching exactly what is so special about custom premium floor mats from Floor Mat Express. You are probably wondering why you should spend your hard earned money on floor mats. The purpose of this research center is to answer that question for you and to give you the most research and information available on the web.  Please review the areas that you are interested in and if you are not satisfied and still have more questions please call us at 1-888-566-0666 and we will be happy to answer any other questions you have. Our goal is to be the best and we will continue to work hard for our customers until they are satisfied.

 Choose the Right Floor Mat, Fit and Color from Floor Mat Express Guaranteed  

Our unique database and web engine was custom designed to make sure you can see all the options about the right mat, fit and color for what you, the customer, desires. 

Why Spend Good Money on Floor Mats?

Just like new flooring can change the look and feel of your home, our premium custom auto floor mats will change the look of your car, truck or SUV. With so many materials, logos and other options to choose from, you have the ability to give your vehicle that high end look without breaking the bank. However there are more important reasons to buy custom floor mats from Floor Mat Express. Having a quality set of custom floor mats shields your vehicles carpet and upholstery from everyday wear and tear keeping the interior of your vehicle in its original condition. 

Prevent the wear and tear caused by your feet rubbing against your mats.

Protect against the elements year round like water, mud and dirt, road salt and sand before it gets ground into your vehicles carpet.
Shield your carpet against stains from food and drinks that always manage to get spilled no matter how careful you are.
Remember that these mats are not universal fitting. These are custom designed for your exact make, model and year and in most cases cover more area than original equipment manufacturers (OEM). Our premium floor mats are shipped to your door (free in most cases) with our famous price guarantee and manufacturer warranty. Floor Mat Express offers you a true value product for your hard earned money.

What is a Custom Floor Mat?

The majority of products from Floor Mat Express are customized for the exact make, year and model of your vehicle. Most mats from the factory (called OEM mats) are of mediocre quality for several reasons. The number on reason is coverage; more coverage equals more material which is more cost for them. The second and most important reason is carpet quality. Our carpet is of high quality (even our minimum quality carpet is better than OEM materials) and wear resistant meant to last for a lifetime of wear and tear. Even though we offer more coverage, Floor Mat Express still takes into consideration the floor controls and other custom option in your vehicle to make sure not to cover them up.

Choosing Between All Weather and Carpet Floor Mats

To make the choice between an all weather mat and a carpet mat can be a tough one. Both categories offer a multitude of products types with different fits, colors and options. Many of our customers that live in environments with changing weather will end up getting a set of each to change out with the seasons. 
However, if you are looking to make a choice between the two you want to consider where you live. Each region in the US and Canada has its own unique weather patterns that call for different material floor mats. If you live in an area that gets a lot of snow and slush you will want to consider an all weather floor mat to shield your expensive vehicles carpet from the mud and snow. However, if you live in the south you can feel confident that our quality carpets will do just fine. Of course, our carpet floor mats are still easy to clean and of quality materials to resist the elements as well. 
Floor Mat Express has the floor mats to suit your particular needs. We have gone out of our way to design a custom database to guide you through the product selection process with whichever floor mat you choose.

All-Weather Floor Mats Overview

The popular floor mats are made from heavy duty rubbers and other materials designed to defend against the elements and wear and tear. Providing a water tight seal against between your carpet and mud, snow and anything else you can throw at it, these mats are designed for a lifetime of protection. Available in many colors and designs, these mats don’t just look great they are easy to clean – just hose them off and they are as good as new. To get more details about these mats please visit our All-Weather Floor Mat Center.

Carpet Floor Mats Overview

Made from durable nylon and berber yarns, carpet floor mats feel good against your feet but due to our quality materials still offer good defense from the elements to protect your auto carpet. Thicker and heavier than the mats that came with your vehicle, these mats have almost endless customization options from materials, colors, logos, embroidery, edging and other options to give your car, truck or SUV that look and feel that you want while still offering excellent protection. To get more details about these floor mats please visit our Carpet Floor Mat Center.

All-Weather Floor Mat Center

All weather floor mats are designed to last – made form heavy duty rubber materials they provide the ultimate protection from the elements for your vehicle. When you need the ultimate defense against mud, rain and snow these are your mats. Unlike low quality universal mats bought at many common retailers, these floor mats are custom fit for your vehicle and are designed not to slide around with a snug fit. Don’t compromise the safety of you and your family with a poorly fitted mat under your feet. 
Care of All-Weather Floor Mats
One of the great advantages of these mats is no vacuuming. These all-weather mats are very low maintenance – when they get dirty just shake them off, or when they have taken a real beating from a spilled drink or the elements just hose them off.
We recommend all-weather mats for customers who live in moderate to severe weather areas especially where there is a lot of rain or snow. People with lifestyles or work needs that involve mud and dirt will also enjoy these mats. As well, active families that have children who play sports and otherwise eat and drink in the vehicle also will benefit from these mat designs. 

Carpet Floor Mats Center

The main advantage of carpet floor mats is comfort and styling options without sacrificing good protection for your vehicles interior. 

Carpet Styles

There are four main categories of carpet that we provide. Each offers its own unique qualities detailed in the following sections.
With many thousands of custom fit floor patterns our standard carpets are above and beyond the quality of the mats that came with your original vehicle or cheap replacement carpet from retailers. The premium nylon yarns used in these carpets offer excellent wear and durability. With custom dyes, our carpet colors are extensive to match your original equipment manufacturer (OEM) of current or older vehicle interiors. All our carpets offer multilayer backing with a water resistance layer to keep moisture from your original carpet. The backing is designed to absolutely stay put and won’t wrinkle or fold up to create a hazardous driving condition. 

Plush Carpet Mats

Our plush carpet mats are made from the thickest deepest pile the can be manufactured with yarns that are specially treated for stains and soil resistance. These mats are constructed with a flexible layer of polyurethane "sponge", sandwiched between the yarn face and rubber backing.  This feature allows the mat to more closely conform to the floor, helps prevent slipping and creasing provides an extra barrier to outside noise and heat and is completely waterproof. The embroidered emblems are ultrasonically welded deep into the carpet pile. When we ship a set of these carpet floor mats, you have our assurance that these are the very best mats we can produce. 


Berber classic is popular in Europe because of its 48oz yarn weight to assure a long mat life. Made with complementary colored yarns in a large nubby loop texture these mats match the most popular interior colors. These yarns have been formulated for inherent resistance to stains and fading and are available with licensed logos and other personalization. 

Heavy Duty Carpet Mats

The Intro-Tech Automotive Rhino Auto Mat is manufactured using only the finest quality material made in Holland. The custom finished EURO style duo rib look is produced from synthetic fibers in a needle punch design. This performance, all weather, lifetime warranted mat features horizontal groves which trap the dirt, debris and sand in their channels and keep it there. It is beautifully finished with both a color coordinated serging and a high quality vinyl heel pad. Designed for rugged daily use, this unique and innovative mat is the perfect selection for truck, SUV and van owners desiring all weather capability and a beautiful textured look in their carpeted areas.
The Intro-Tech Automotive Rhino Auto Mat is available in eight (8) custom colors to complement all interiors in the automotive marketplace. Available in custom fit patterns for all cars, trucks, SUV's and minivans.

Care of Carpet Floor Mats

When dirt and grime accumulate on your carpeted floor mats you can simply vacuum them clean in most cases. If the amount is light just a shake will do in many cases. In the event of a bad spill, various upholstery cleaners can be safely used to clean your carpets (just follow the directions on the bottle). We do not recommend ever cleaning your mats in a washing machine.
We recommend carpet floor mats to customers who like style and personalization to the interior of their vehicle.  With so many options to choose from the options are nearly endless.

Cleaning Tips for your Floor Mats

All-Weather Mats

One of the great advantages of these mats is no vacuuming. These all-weather mats are very low maintenance – when they get dirty just shake them off, or when they have taken a real beating from a spilled drink or the elements just hose them off.

Carpet Floor Mats

When dirt and grime accumulate on your carpeted floor mats you can simply vacuum them clean in most cases. If the amount is light just a shake will do in many cases. In the event of a bad spill, various upholstery cleaners can be safely used to clean your carpets (just follow the directions on the bottle). We do not recommend ever cleaning your mats in a washing machine.